Foursquare Life Church Podcast

Foursquare Life Church Podcast

Messages and Sermons of Foursquare Life Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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    Conversations From the Couch: Generation All

    This is our week three message from our series and it continues to get better every week! We all have a role to play in God's redemptive story. The older generations pass down faith, wisdom, and experience. The younger generations pass up fresh vision that can bring life. We should all be in catch mode, to work together.

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    Conversations From the Couch: Honor

    This is week two of our series Conversations From the Couch! Enjoy this weeks message from Pastors Shane and Wendy Goins. It is a great reminder of what living with honor first in our lives looks like. Be encouraged and challenged this week!

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    Conversations From the Couch: The Father's Heart

    Join us in listening this week to the start of our brand new sermon series for the month of February, Conversations From the Couch. Our family pastors, Shane and Wendy Goins, are spending the whole month on this series and have been pouring their hearts into this and they are eagerly listening to what God wants to say. This week we start by hearing the Father's heart for all of His children. God wants to commune with us and speak with us. He wants us to know that we are his and He has chosen every single one of us. Enjoy this week's message. It is sure to be an encouragement!

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    The Kingdom of God is in Our Midst

    Join us this week as Pastor Scott Jungers shares his last message as Senior Pastor here at Foursquare Life Church. He holds nothing back as he challenges the congregation to live with NOW faith. We should be stirring up the faith within us to bring the kingdom of God into our midst daily, everywhere we go. The kingdom is not someday in the future, it is today and everyday. We should be meeting the need, impacting those around us and taking responsibility for the brokenness; helping those who can't stand up without it. We have to be willing to risk everything for the kingdom of God. We pray that you are encouraged and challenged by this week's message to a closer walk with our Savior.

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    Pastor Matt starts the service with a special time and message about dedication. Pastor Missi ends with a message about seasons.

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    The Name of Jesus

    Pastor Bob teaches this week on the name of Jesus and the power that follows His name.

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    Identify Yourself

    Pastors Matt and Missi team teach this week on identifying yourself. Join us for a message that challenges and calls you into the identity Christ has for you. We finish this message with a time of testimony and a declaration of identity to live our life by.

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    Heroes: Compromise...Don't

    This week Pastor Missi continues our Heroes series. Compromise is the subject again this week; she shares the example of Daniel's life. He lived without compromise and didn't allow the enemy any room to gain ground. We need to live a life without compromise and do what we are commissioned to do.

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    Heroes: Without Compromise

    Part three of our Heroes series continues this week. Pastor Matt teaches out of Joshua. We need to be heroes who believe in what God says and be on mission without compromise.

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    Heroes: The Word is the Word

    This week Pastor Ryan continues our series on Heroes. He shares about going from zero to hero using the word of God and allowing it to change our life.

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    Heroes: Moses in the Cleft

    This week we start a new series called Heroes. Pastor Miriam starts this series teaching about Moses and his encounter with God in the cleft of the rock. We also hear from Stewart Jungers. She has just returned from her time doing missions work in France and shares her testimony about all that God is doing there.

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    Don't Put God in a Box

    Pastor Miriam shares this week from 2 Samuel. The Kingdom of God is living and breathing. We shouldn't try to to confine God to our idea of Him. We need to allow God room to move in our lives and the lives of those around us.

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    When Giants Fall: Taking Territory

    In the final week of our series we hear from Pastor Scott and Owen. They share testimony of their trip to Niger. They challenge us through testimony and a word from God to take the territory He is giving us.

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    When Giants Fall: Getting Rid of Shame

    Our series continues this week with Pastor Ryan Tillery teaching about getting rid of shame in our lives. He shares the story of David and the story of Judas, comparing the two in a message of how to handle and live a life free of shame.

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    When Giants Fall:Doubting Your Doubts

    Our weekly series continues this week with Pastor Matt Ridenhour sharing about doubt. Join us as he encourages us to take our next steps in faith towards God's calling on our lives. Don't allow fear to enter and plant the seed of doubt that stops us from taking those next steps.

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    When Giants Fall: Walking Out of Offense

    Pastor Bob Smith continues the series this week talking about offense. He shares the power of walking in blessing because of our willingness to live in forgiveness, instead of walking and living in offense.

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    Preparing For Battle

    Join us this week as Pastors Matt, Missi, and Miriam lay the groundwork for our new series, When Giants Fall, starting in April. They share through the lives of Joshua and David to ready us for the times ahead. Enjoy and be encouraged today!

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    Spirit Led Marriage

    Starting in Ecclesiastes, Pastor Scott and Kyle teach on having a Spirit Led Marriage. They give three ways to focus your marriage in the direction of God. Their message offers encouragement to everyone, even if you are not married. It challenges us to live our lives in a manner that is God focused and dedicated to letting the Holy Spirit direct our steps. We hope you enjoy the message this week and pray that it encourages your walk with Him.

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    Simply Love

    How can we love others better? Do we daily choose to love others well? Are we showing the love of Jesus? God's love is simple; He desires us to love others as He loves us. Enjoy this week's message by Pastor Kyle and be encouraged. She takes us through Acts 3 and shares about simply loving others the way God has called us to love. Lets not make it complicated and just show the love of Jesus by doing it.

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    Don't Go Broke

    What does the "bank roll" of your life with Jesus look like? Are you: overflowing with plenty, at a zero balance or overdrawn? This week Pastor Scott shares from Luke 12:16-21 and teaches about not going broke in our relationship with Christ. It is in the deep abiding relationship with Him that we have good, life-giving fruit. It's in the fruit bearing that He is able to grow our relationship "bank roll" to overflowing and we are able to share the increase with those around us.

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    Seasons: Expectancy

    This week Pastor shares about having an attitude of expectancy. Sharing from Luke 21: 34-36, we should be living with an expectation of greater. Pastor Scott gives the three things that expectancy causes in our lives. We need to be eager and hungry for the things of God and allow there to be eternal perspective in our lives.

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    Seasons: On Mission

    This week we hear from our most recent returned missionary. She shares about her 6 month journey with YWAM and how it changed her perspective on living life on mission. Pastor Scott concludes with encouragement and challenges us to live our life everyday on mission. We are all called and need to recognize that call in our daily lives.

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    Seasons: Growing in Grace

    Seasons of change require great grace. We need it to effectively carry out what the Father has called us to do. Teaching from Acts 4:32-35 this week, Pastor Scott shares what it looks like to grow in grace. We have to get a grasp on the depth of grace God has for us. When we understand that, the stretching and growing of our grace becomes less about us and more about the ability of our Father. His grace through us allows us to do the impossible because His grace is sufficient in all things!

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    Seasons: Possibilities

    Pastor Scott teaches from Mark 10:27 and Mark 9:23 this week. He shares about all the possibilities on the road ahead of us. There are great things ahead and we can accomplish them with God if we believe. Connection to the Father in relationship is key. Are we going to connect and step into the greater possibilities or mosey off into the sunset? Let us all step up into the greater and move into what he has begun to birth inside of us. He can do it because all things are possible with Him!

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    Seasons: Change Agents

    Using the passage of scripture from Ephesians 4:11-16 Pastor Scott teaches about change this week. Change is a sign of growth, and where there is no change there has not been growth. Pastor shares three essential actions that will bring about change in our own lives and the lives of the church. He encourages to expand our vision of things to come and to find vital connection in who Christ is. We need to become change agents in every situation we encounter and in the body of Christ daily.

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    Niger Experiences 2017

    The most recent team returned from Niger share their experiences for this weeks message. Be encouraged this week and challenged by what they share. They share of breakthrough, miracles and mighty things that God is doing in that country!

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    Take Part

    Pastor Matt teaches out of Acts 3 this week and shares the six lessons we should take and apply to our everyday lives. We need to learn to take part; we are on assignment every single day and we need to be actively positioning ourselves in front of God saying " I'm ready for your work." Look for the opportunities He brings across our path. When those opportunities come we need to take those moments to show His love. Don't get stuck in the mundane processes. Instead, get in step with Jesus and take part in His will for our lives.

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    Purpose, Pain, Position

    This week Calvin Bennett is guest speaking. He shares his testimony and weaves his message of hope and challenges us to focus on the presence of God. The presence of God is so closely connected to our purpose that if you deviate from His presence you step out of His will for your life. We must focus on Him and use the pain in our lives to point us towards His presence. The pain isn't about us. it is an opportunity to draw closer. His presence and our response to pain influences our position in life. So draw near to him and position your life in His presence.

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    Faith , Power, and Maturity

    Faith matters in every area of our lives. We believe, but do we have the word of God to back up in faith what we believe? This week Pastor Scott teaches out of Mark and uses the example Peter before he denies Christ. He did not have the faith, power or maturity to back up what he believed. We need to grow in Christ and grow in power so that we are witnesses to the power of God so much so that when we say something people listen because they know it to be true. Let us all be in a growing, life-changing relationship so that we can move in power and be a blessing to those around us.

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    Perception Matters

    Why do we always see the barriers in a situation instead of seeing Jesus in the midst? Listen as Pastor Scott teaches on changing your perception and perspective in a situation. Bring Jesus to the center of every situation. Bring what you have and allow Him to work it out. Stop looking at your limitations and realize that with God all things are possible; because if we believe it's impossible we don't believe in Him.

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    What Must We Do

    Guest speaker Dan Lucero shares out of John 6 this week about what we must do to be doing the works of God. He gives practical ways to be going about doing His work everyday. God works with us where we are at; helps us to throw out our preconceived notions of structure and use our gifts to build the Kingdom where we are at. Don't hold back and do His work always.

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    Everyone has a purpose and every single one of us has a call on our life. We are a builder of people and God has saved us to build the kingdom of God where we are. Pastor Bob Smith teaches out of Matthew 28 and Mark 16 this week. We are empowered through Christ and He has commanded us to go and make disciples. It is time to be obedient and GO! We need to be doing what He has called us to do.

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    Sharing About Africa

    Pastor Scott and Pastor Matt share about their recent trip to Niger, Africa. They share about the awesome, mighty things of God happening over there. They give encouragement to do mighty things here where we live and end in a time of prayer for our nation and the nation of Niger.

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    Encouraging a Close Walk

    This week Pastor Miriam and Ryan share about what it looks like to walk close to Christ through the high school years. They give guidance to the youth on practical ways to grow in the Lord and be a beacon of hope in their school setting. They also share with the parents some encouragement to give their youth. This message is a practical response to the pressures of today and is applicable in everybody's life. Give it a listen and be encouraged today.

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    Staying Connected

    After a time of prayer for Texas and for Niger, Pastor Jeff Martin teaches on staying connected. Jesus showed us what perfect connection with the Father looked like. He looked just like the Father. In staying connected, we should increasingly begin to look like what we are connected to. Are we connected to Jesus or other things? Is our connection and fruitfulness pointing others towards Jesus? Pastor Jeff shares what staying connected looks like and shares ways to continue to stay connected to our Father.

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    Kingdom Living

    We as followers of Christ need to stop making a show of ourselves. We need to be real and start producing fruit. We were created in the image of God to be fruitful. Our focus needs to be on establishing the kingdom of God wherever we go, to use our blessings to be a blessing. Start living real in front of Him because the world around us needs us to be real, fruit bearing, and blessing giving people of God.

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    Kingdom Conversation

    Everything Jesus did was focused on introducing the Kingdom of God to the people around Him. He was always speaking about the kingdom. Our job is to be like Him and be introducing the Kingdom to everyone around us. Join us this week as Pastor Scott teaches about living everyday focused on bringing the Kingdom of God into life. Starting doesn't have to be huge. Pastor encourages that starting with one small thing is still a step in the right direction. Members of our youth also share about their experiences of their time at camp and how one experience, a seemingly small one thing, is changing the way they do life and bringing the Kingdom of God to the forefront.

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    Joyful Living

    In our world today people all around us are trying to sell some form of joy. This joy is so very often fleeting and incomplete, but there is a joy that is permanent no matter what life may bring. Join us this week as Pastor Matt speaks about the joy of Jesus Christ and living a life full of joy. His joy is the anchor that keeps us attached to Him and no one can take it from us. Pastor Matt challenges us to look at our responses in life no matter the situation. We need to allow joy to be the flag of our character in every circumstance and fly it high in proclamation of who God is in our life.

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    Soul-Full Living

    Jesus was always focused on our eternal living, our lives in the here and now. The abundance that we can live in today if our soul is full. Our soul is the difference maker in how we live our lives and everything in life will rise to the level of the prosperity of our soul. This week Pastor Scott encourages us with a message of soul restoration and an abundant here and now; a life of eternal living and learning. Jesus isn't trying to fix us. He just wants us to be with Him and allow Him to restore our soul in the moments with Him. Because why trust Him for eternity but not for restoration of our soul while in the land of the living?

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    Take A New Look

    God's work is creation and is always making things new. He wants us to look forward to the new things He is doing in our lives. Join us this week as Pastor Scott teaches from Isaiah 43 and encourages us to look to the new things God is doing in our lives. God wants us to see beyond where we are to where we should be and allow Him to continually renew our lives to get there. Yesterday is old and today is a new day for a new work! Don't look to the past with longing. Look forward to His renewal, prepare for it, and get ready for the change that is coming in your life!

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    Transformed Pt 2

    Join us this week as Pastor Miriam teaches on being transformed. She continues to build on the foundation that Pastor Missi laid in last weeks message. God's word is alive and powerful. We need to let His word breathe life into where we are and allow it to free and change us. He has not left us alone and and imprisoned. It is time to stop living as slaves and embrace the freedom and change He has given us.

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    Engaging In Growth

    What is the growth process God wants to take us through? In this week's podcast Pastor Scott takes us through 2 Peter 1 and encourages us to diligently engage in the process of growth so that we can reach out to the community around us. We all have access to the same faith, but too many of us are satisfied with talking to Moses and not going up the mountain and talking to God ourselves. The world needs us to be vitally connected and engaged in growth so that we can share His love with everyone.

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    Using Jesus' Gifts To Live in Community

    We are all called and equipped for ministry. Jesus left His followers gifts. Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, Teachers, and Evangelists- He gave some to each one of us to do the work of the ministry. Enjoy this weeks message from Pastor Scott. He teaches from Ephesians chapter 4 and walks us through using the gifts given to us to live in community with those around us every day.

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    Being a Growing, Teachable Family

    Happy Mother's Day! Pastor Scott gives encouragement to Mothers and to the family. We are all children of God and are His family. Pastor encourages us to remain teachable, allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit, and reach those around us by making it about Jesus.

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    Addressing Idols

    Jesus sacrificed everything for us to know Him. He laid down his life for us, and all He asks in return is for us to share that truth and make disciples, yet we have become used to the ease of church on Sundays. We have made an idol out of ease. Where it is easy to say we are making a sacrifice for Him and really we haven't fully surrendered our everything. Join us this week as Pastor Scott talks about addressing the idols in our lives and becoming obediant followers of His will.

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    Firm Foundations

    Is your life built on the firm foundation of Jesus, Faith and Salvation? Or are you built on the foundation that will fail when troubles come your way? Join us this week as Pastor Vicki Smith shares with us what a life built on a firm foundation looks like and what we can do to get there if we are not.

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    This week Pastor Scott starts a series about hearing the voice of God. We should be hearing God everyday, are we listening? The more we hear Him, the more we come to know Him and recognize His voice in in our lives. Once we acknowledge and know His voice we need to choose to follow His words. Following Jesus is life and we are called and commanded to know Him and make Him known.

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    Believing Is The Beginning

    In this message Pastor Scott Jungers challenges us to figure out our story. God has written a special story for each and every one of our lives. When we believe in Him that is only the beginning. We are given power through Jesus Christ and what we do with that matters. We should strive to make our lives reflect the story He has written for us, not just a story of a believer who's greatest accomplishment is making it to church every week.

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    Are We Ready For the Harvest?

    Pastor Matt challenges us in his message to be preparing our selves for the harvest to come. To walk through our lives daily with our eyes open to those around us. We should allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in sharing the love of christ with the lost around us. We should be asking for the eyes of Jesus in our lives and not walk past the harvest that so desperately needs reaping.

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    Make the Way For Jesus (Pastor Scott Jungers)

    Pastor Scott encourages us this week to be sowers of faithfulness. We should be following Jesus faithfully and sharing Him with the lost because without us sharing they will never know they are lost. We need to make the way for Jesus, keep our eyes on him, but look at the harvest around us.

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    The One

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    Water Your Own Grass

    Pastors Scott and Kyle Smith teach on relationships

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    Give Serve GO - Part 2

    Pastor Scott's 3-part message. This week we learn what it means to 'GO'.

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    Give SERVE Go

    What does it mean to be a servant?

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