Foursquare Life Church Podcast

Foursquare Life Church Podcast

Messages and Sermons of Foursquare Life Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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    Staying Connected

    After a time of prayer for Texas and for Niger, Pastor Jeff Martin teaches on staying connected. Jesus showed us what perfect connection with the Father looked like. He looked just like the Father. In staying connected, we should increasingly begin to look like what we are connected to. Are we connected to Jesus or other things? Is our connection and fruitfulness pointing others towards Jesus? Pastor Jeff shares what staying connected looks like and shares ways to continue to stay connected to our Father.

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    Kingdom Living

    We as followers of Christ need to stop making a show of ourselves. We need to be real and start producing fruit. We were created in the image of God to be fruitful. Our focus needs to be on establishing the kingdom of God wherever we go, to use our blessings to be a blessing. Start living real in front of Him because the world around us needs us to be real, fruit bearing, and blessing giving people of God.

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    Kingdom Conversation

    Everything Jesus did was focused on introducing the Kingdom of God to the people around Him. He was always speaking about the kingdom. Our job is to be like Him and be introducing the Kingdom to everyone around us. Join us this week as Pastor Scott teaches about living everyday focused on bringing the Kingdom of God into life. Starting doesn't have to be huge. Pastor encourages that starting with one small thing is still a step in the right direction. Members of our youth also share about their experiences of their time at camp and how one experience, a seemingly small one thing, is changing the way they do life and bringing the Kingdom of God to the forefront.

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    Joyful Living

    In our world today people all around us are trying to sell some form of joy. This joy is so very often fleeting and incomplete, but there is a joy that is permanent no matter what life may bring. Join us this week as Pastor Matt speaks about the joy of Jesus Christ and living a life full of joy. His joy is the anchor that keeps us attached to Him and no one can take it from us. Pastor Matt challenges us to look at our responses in life no matter the situation. We need to allow joy to be the flag of our character in every circumstance and fly it high in proclamation of who God is in our life.

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    Soul-Full Living

    Jesus was always focused on our eternal living, our lives in the here and now. The abundance that we can live in today if our soul is full. Our soul is the difference maker in how we live our lives and everything in life will rise to the level of the prosperity of our soul. This week Pastor Scott encourages us with a message of soul restoration and an abundant here and now; a life of eternal living and learning. Jesus isn't trying to fix us. He just wants us to be with Him and allow Him to restore our soul in the moments with Him. Because why trust Him for eternity but not for restoration of our soul while in the land of the living?

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    Take A New Look

    God's work is creation and is always making things new. He wants us to look forward to the new things He is doing in our lives. Join us this week as Pastor Scott teaches from Isaiah 43 and encourages us to look to the new things God is doing in our lives. God wants us to see beyond where we are to where we should be and allow Him to continually renew our lives to get there. Yesterday is old and today is a new day for a new work! Don't look to the past with longing. Look forward to His renewal, prepare for it, and get ready for the change that is coming in your life!

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    Transformed Pt 2

    Join us this week as Pastor Miriam teaches on being transformed. She continues to build on the foundation that Pastor Missi laid in last weeks message. God's word is alive and powerful. We need to let His word breathe life into where we are and allow it to free and change us. He has not left us alone and and imprisoned. It is time to stop living as slaves and embrace the freedom and change He has given us.

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    Engaging In Growth

    What is the growth process God wants to take us through? In this week's podcast Pastor Scott takes us through 2 Peter 1 and encourages us to diligently engage in the process of growth so that we can reach out to the community around us. We all have access to the same faith, but too many of us are satisfied with talking to Moses and not going up the mountain and talking to God ourselves. The world needs us to be vitally connected and engaged in growth so that we can share His love with everyone.

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