Foursquare Life Church Podcast

Foursquare Life Church Podcast

Messages and Sermons of Foursquare Life Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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    Seasons: Personal Growth

    Week two of our series and Pastor Missi has us examine the soil of our heart and how it affects our spiritual growth.

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    Seasons: Vision Sunday

    Join us this week as Pastor Missi starts our new series, Seasons and casts vision for our future as a church. We end the service with praying for the harvest and proclaiming who are.

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    Conversations From the Couch: Community

    The last installment of our series! Enjoy as we talk about bringing community into our everyday lives with Jesus as the focus.

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    Conversations From the Couch: Generation All

    This is our week three message from our series and it continues to get better every week! We all have a role to play in God's redemptive story. The older generations pass down faith, wisdom, and experience. The younger generations pass up fresh vision that can bring life. We should all be in catch mode, to work together.

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    Conversations From the Couch: Honor

    This is week two of our series Conversations From the Couch! Enjoy this weeks message from Pastors Shane and Wendy Goins. It is a great reminder of what living with honor first in our lives looks like. Be encouraged and challenged this week!

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    Conversations From the Couch: The Father's Heart

    Join us in listening this week to the start of our brand new sermon series for the month of February, Conversations From the Couch. Our family pastors, Shane and Wendy Goins, are spending the whole month on this series and have been pouring their hearts into this and they are eagerly listening to what God wants to say. This week we start by hearing the Father's heart for all of His children. God wants to commune with us and speak with us. He wants us to know that we are his and He has chosen every single one of us. Enjoy this week's message. It is sure to be an encouragement!

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    The Kingdom of God is in Our Midst

    Join us this week as Pastor Scott Jungers shares his last message as Senior Pastor here at Foursquare Life Church. He holds nothing back as he challenges the congregation to live with NOW faith. We should be stirring up the faith within us to bring the kingdom of God into our midst daily, everywhere we go. The kingdom is not someday in the future, it is today and everyday. We should be meeting the need, impacting those around us and taking responsibility for the brokenness; helping those who can't stand up without it. We have to be willing to risk everything for the kingdom of God. We pray that you are encouraged and challenged by this week's message to a closer walk with our Savior.

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