Foursquare Life Church Podcast

Foursquare Life Church Podcast

Messages and Sermons of Foursquare Life Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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    Pastor Matt starts the service with a special time and message about dedication. Pastor Missi ends with a message about seasons.

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    The Name of Jesus

    Pastor Bob teaches this week on the name of Jesus and the power that follows His name.

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    Identify Yourself

    Pastors Matt and Missi team teach this week on identifying yourself. Join us for a message that challenges and calls you into the identity Christ has for you. We finish this message with a time of testimony and a declaration of identity to live our life by.

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    Heroes: Compromise...Don't

    This week Pastor Missi continues our Heroes series. Compromise is the subject again this week; she shares the example of Daniel's life. He lived without compromise and didn't allow the enemy any room to gain ground. We need to live a life without compromise and do what we are commissioned to do.

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    Heroes: Without Compromise

    Part three of our Heroes series continues this week. Pastor Matt teaches out of Joshua. We need to be heroes who believe in what God says and be on mission without compromise.

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    Heroes: The Word is the Word

    This week Pastor Ryan continues our series on Heroes. He shares about going from zero to hero using the word of God and allowing it to change our life.

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    Heroes: Moses in the Cleft

    This week we start a new series called Heroes. Pastor Miriam starts this series teaching about Moses and his encounter with God in the cleft of the rock. We also hear from Stewart Jungers. She has just returned from her time doing missions work in France and shares her testimony about all that God is doing there.

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