Foursquare Life Church Podcast

Foursquare Life Church Podcast

Messages and Sermons of Foursquare Life Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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    Transformed Pt 2

    Join us this week as Pastor Miriam teaches on being transformed. She continues to build on the foundation that Pastor Missi laid in last weeks message. God's word is alive and powerful. We need to let His word breathe life into where we are and allow it to free and change us. He has not left us alone and and imprisoned. It is time to stop living as slaves and embrace the freedom and change He has given us.

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    Engaging In Growth

    What is the growth process God wants to take us through? In this week's podcast Pastor Scott takes us through 2 Peter 1 and encourages us to diligently engage in the process of growth so that we can reach out to the community around us. We all have access to the same faith, but too many of us are satisfied with talking to Moses and not going up the mountain and talking to God ourselves. The world needs us to be vitally connected and engaged in growth so that we can share His love with everyone.

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    Using Jesus' Gifts To Live in Community

    We are all called and equipped for ministry. Jesus left His followers gifts. Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, Teachers, and Evangelists- He gave some to each one of us to do the work of the ministry. Enjoy this weeks message from Pastor Scott. He teaches from Ephesians chapter 4 and walks us through using the gifts given to us to live in community with those around us every day.

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    Being a Growing, Teachable Family

    Happy Mother's Day! Pastor Scott gives encouragement to Mothers and to the family. We are all children of God and are His family. Pastor encourages us to remain teachable, allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit, and reach those around us by making it about Jesus.

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    Addressing Idols

    Jesus sacrificed everything for us to know Him. He laid down his life for us, and all He asks in return is for us to share that truth and make disciples, yet we have become used to the ease of church on Sundays. We have made an idol out of ease. Where it is easy to say we are making a sacrifice for Him and really we haven't fully surrendered our everything. Join us this week as Pastor Scott talks about addressing the idols in our lives and becoming obediant followers of His will.

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    Firm Foundations

    Is your life built on the firm foundation of Jesus, Faith and Salvation? Or are you built on the foundation that will fail when troubles come your way? Join us this week as Pastor Vicki Smith shares with us what a life built on a firm foundation looks like and what we can do to get there if we are not.

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    This week Pastor Scott starts a series about hearing the voice of God. We should be hearing God everyday, are we listening? The more we hear Him, the more we come to know Him and recognize His voice in in our lives. Once we acknowledge and know His voice we need to choose to follow His words. Following Jesus is life and we are called and commanded to know Him and make Him known.

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    Believing Is The Beginning

    In this message Pastor Scott Jungers challenges us to figure out our story. God has written a special story for each and every one of our lives. When we believe in Him that is only the beginning. We are given power through Jesus Christ and what we do with that matters. We should strive to make our lives reflect the story He has written for us, not just a story of a believer who's greatest accomplishment is making it to church every week.

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    Are We Ready For the Harvest?

    Pastor Matt challenges us in his message to be preparing our selves for the harvest to come. To walk through our lives daily with our eyes open to those around us. We should allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in sharing the love of christ with the lost around us. We should be asking for the eyes of Jesus in our lives and not walk past the harvest that so desperately needs reaping.

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