Foursquare Life Church Podcast

Foursquare Life Church Podcast

Messages and Sermons of Foursquare Life Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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    Don't Go Broke

    What does the "bank roll" of your life with Jesus look like? Are you: overflowing with plenty, at a zero balance or overdrawn? This week Pastor Scott shares from Luke 12:16-21 and teaches about not going broke in our relationship with Christ. It is in the deep abiding relationship with Him that we have good, life-giving fruit. It's in the fruit bearing that He is able to grow our relationship "bank roll" to overflowing and we are able to share the increase with those around us.

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    Seasons: Expectancy

    This week Pastor shares about having an attitude of expectancy. Sharing from Luke 21: 34-36, we should be living with an expectation of greater. Pastor Scott gives the three things that expectancy causes in our lives. We need to be eager and hungry for the things of God and allow there to be eternal perspective in our lives.

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    Seasons: On Mission

    This week we hear from our most recent returned missionary. She shares about her 6 month journey with YWAM and how it changed her perspective on living life on mission. Pastor Scott concludes with encouragement and challenges us to live our life everyday on mission. We are all called and need to recognize that call in our daily lives.

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    Seasons: Growing in Grace

    Seasons of change require great grace. We need it to effectively carry out what the Father has called us to do. Teaching from Acts 4:32-35 this week, Pastor Scott shares what it looks like to grow in grace. We have to get a grasp on the depth of grace God has for us. When we understand that, the stretching and growing of our grace becomes less about us and more about the ability of our Father. His grace through us allows us to do the impossible because His grace is sufficient in all things!

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    Seasons: Possibilities

    Pastor Scott teaches from Mark 10:27 and Mark 9:23 this week. He shares about all the possibilities on the road ahead of us. There are great things ahead and we can accomplish them with God if we believe. Connection to the Father in relationship is key. Are we going to connect and step into the greater possibilities or mosey off into the sunset? Let us all step up into the greater and move into what he has begun to birth inside of us. He can do it because all things are possible with Him!

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    Seasons: Change Agents

    Using the passage of scripture from Ephesians 4:11-16 Pastor Scott teaches about change this week. Change is a sign of growth, and where there is no change there has not been growth. Pastor shares three essential actions that will bring about change in our own lives and the lives of the church. He encourages to expand our vision of things to come and to find vital connection in who Christ is. We need to become change agents in every situation we encounter and in the body of Christ daily.

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    Niger Experiences 2017

    The most recent team returned from Niger share their experiences for this weeks message. Be encouraged this week and challenged by what they share. They share of breakthrough, miracles and mighty things that God is doing in that country!

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    Take Part

    Pastor Matt teaches out of Acts 3 this week and shares the six lessons we should take and apply to our everyday lives. We need to learn to take part; we are on assignment every single day and we need to be actively positioning ourselves in front of God saying " I'm ready for your work." Look for the opportunities He brings across our path. When those opportunities come we need to take those moments to show His love. Don't get stuck in the mundane processes. Instead, get in step with Jesus and take part in His will for our lives.

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    Purpose, Pain, Position

    This week Calvin Bennett is guest speaking. He shares his testimony and weaves his message of hope and challenges us to focus on the presence of God. The presence of God is so closely connected to our purpose that if you deviate from His presence you step out of His will for your life. We must focus on Him and use the pain in our lives to point us towards His presence. The pain isn't about us. it is an opportunity to draw closer. His presence and our response to pain influences our position in life. So draw near to him and position your life in His presence.

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